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Why BodyFinancial.com?

While all of us know how much money we have in the bank, and check our finances daily, we let the most important financial fall by the way side: our Body Financial. Your body financial includes the most important numbers of your life, those that keep you feeling healthy and young. Everyone should know the amount of vitamins and hormones in their body in order to live in optimal health. At BodyFinancial.com, it is our goal to help the consumer know these numbers. By ordering cheap and convenient blood tests online, you can start living in optimum health!

Why Order A Blood Test?

Every day people take steps to improve their health without knowing anything about the actual effect those steps have on their bodies. Did you know that the supplement market is now a multi-billion dollar industry and that more than half of U.S. adults take supplements? Exercising, eating healthy, and supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals are all great things, but at BodyFinancial.com we think you should know what effect it's having on your levels. Long story short, why spend all the time and money on your health without actually knowing if it's having a positive effect on your life?

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How Can I Know My Numbers?

Technology has changed health care for the better in the last few decades and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. A stethoscope, a hammer to the knee, and a simple "turn your head and cough", is not enough for you to know if you are truly healthy any more. The only way to truly assess your health is to speak its language, and the secret to this language is in your blood. A cheap, confidential and convenient blood test can tell you if those over-the-counter supplements are actually working. A blood test can tell you if your hormones are low, or if you're getting enough vitamins. A blood test can tell you if you're exercising enough to truly get your cholesterol levels down. It is the only way to properly assess, diagnose and treat problems with your health.

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Why Should I Order A Blood Test?

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What We Do

Through our unique relationship with Walk-InLab.com, Body Financial is able to provide blood tests at discounts of up to 85% off retail. Our goal is to present our customers with an efficient and affordable way to take charge of their health. We supply the necessary requisition forms, and usually within 24 hours email you your lab testing results; allowing you to access them in your personal and confidential lab record. Finally a convenient, affordable and confidential way to get blood testing!

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